9 Benefits of Custom Domain Name for a Blog

Most of us start our blogging journey with free blogging platforms that offer subdomains, but a good idea is to purchase a domain name, a custom domain name for your blog. Because a custom domain name can make or break your blog's success. Areas – Search engine rankings, quality traffic, Google Adsense approval, community building, etc.

What is a custom domain?

This is a domain name that only you own. This is your own blog's domain name. A unique web address created using the name of your choice. Example: www.yourdomain.com.

Why should I use a custom domain name for my blog?

There are several benefits to using a custom domain for your blog. Some of them are explained below.

#1 It's Easy to Find

Every blog is special, but first it has to be discovered, or "found online." Today, when people look for information, they first search the Internet. It’s worth mentioning here that a blog site with a good custom domain name is easy to find.

#2 Unforgettable

We tend to forget things that are difficult to remember. Therefore, choose a domain name for your blog that is easy to remember, short, and related to what's most important to you: your author and your blog. Your "fans" only need to remember your domain name once and can follow you forever.

For example, a custom domain like "joshuafieldsmillburn.com" is easier to remember than "joshuafieldsmillburn.blogspot.com" or "joshuafieldsmillburn.wordpress.com." Joshua Fields Milburn is a blogger who writes about minimalism.

#3 Search Engine Friendly

The difference between a custom domain and a subdomain blog site is not that big. But custom domains play an important role as search engine algorithm changes are actually impacting the rise in social sharing. To share a blog that looks professional.

Additionally, you can maximize your SEO efforts by using a variety of plugins and software add-ons.

#4 Helps improve your blog's page rank

The 4,444 backlinks a blog post receives are the most important indicator of blog post ranking. When you set up your blog with a custom domain, search engines won't recognize your domain name as a separate site (this is true for subdomains) and all backlinks will be added to your blog site's overall popularity. This increases the page's popularity. Ranking.

#5 Maintain your SEO and Alexa rankings.

blogs have built a community of readers around them. If you become famous and try to switch from a subdomain to your own domain, it can affect your SEO and Alexa rankings.

#6 Google Adsense Approval

Getting Google Adsense approval is every blogger's dream. Because it is the best way to make money and also the way to monetize your blog according to your desire.According to statistics, Google Adsense only accepts 3 accounts out of 1000 applications it receives every day. The Adsense team values custom domains over free domain names.

Therefore, owning a custom domain for your blog will increase your chances of getting approval from Google Adsense.

#7 Ad

Currently, most advertising services do not accept subdomains like Buysellads, a very famous ad network that does not like subdomain blogs.This means you will lose a big part of your income. Therefore, you want to personal a custom domain to get authorized on Buysellad.

#8 Can I create a subfield

Can I create a subfield from a subfield?No. However, you can create a custom area in your internet site and create a subdomain if you want or want to. For example: For instance: contact.Yourdomain.Com or provider.Yourdomain.Com. This makes it simpler in your website traffic to navigate via the small pages of your internet site’s net web page.

#9 You can create a commercial enterprise e-mail cope with

You can use a custom location call, which includes [email protected], to create a business company e mail deal with. Professional emails growth the credibility of your weblog and provide your website traffic and followers a expert effect.

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